The Verve Pipe Crash Landing The Verve Pipe “Crash Landing ” (co-write) 1st single off new album Overboard
Hannah Hannah Bradshaw: Upcoming Full Album (bass) Buttons
jhonny_k_music Jhonny K: “Goodbye My Love” Single (bass) Goodbye My Love (Single)
 Steve Fulton Music (SFM) Live DVD/CD (bass)  Roots
Brenda BurchBrenda Burch: “Crushin” Single (bass) Listen to “Crushin”

Navin.R (Jonathan Cox solo project) (bass)

After Abbey “Upcoming E.P.” (bass)

Cary Judd “Goodnight Human” (bass)

Jeremy Spence “Pieces” (bass)

Jimmy G: Kids Totally Rock (bass)

MALNACK “One Man’s Ghost” single (bass)

Kinetic “Energy E.P.” (engineer, production, mix)

Dishwalla “Dishwalla” (bass, write, etc)

A Trophy Life “This is” (engineer, production)

Dishwalla “Live… Greetings From the Flow State” (bass)

Dishwalla “The Banger Sisters” Soundtrack (Track: “Home”)

Invisible Monster “Deep Sleep / Matriarch single” (programming, production)

Dishwalla “Opaline” (bass, write, etc.)

Dishwalla “American Pie” Soundtrack (Track: “Find Your Way Back Home”)

Ross Flournoy “solo album” prior to The Broken West / Apex Mannor (bass)

Dishwalla “The Avengers” Soundtrack (Track: “Truth Serum”)

Dishwalla “And You Think You Know What Life’s About” (bass, programming, write, etc)

Dishwalla “For the Masses” Depeche Mode tribute (Track: “Policy Of Truth”)

Dishwalla “Blast From the Past” orig Soundtrack (Track: “Pretty Babies”)

Dishwalla “Empire Records” orig. Soundtrack (Track: “Counting Blue Cars”)

Amy Grant “Big Yellow Taxi” (single-mix) (bass)

Dishwalla “Music for Mother Ocean” compilation (Track: Other Side of the World”)

Dishwalla “Things to do in Denver When You’re Dead” Soundtrack (Track: “Thrill is Gone”)

Dishwalla “Pet Your Friends” (bass, write, etc.)

Dishwalla “If I Were a Carpenter” (Carpenters tribute album) (Track: It’s Going to Take Some Time”)

Polychrome “I Just Want to Be Loved” (bass)