Need a great gear demo? Read on…

Doing demonstrations of bass gear has become an interesting niche that I’ve recently cultivated. I really enjoy doing them, and I think it shows. I’ve developed a format and a process for producing them, and my main goal is to always show off the piece of gear and what it can do in the best possible light. I want to give potential customers a real clear picture of what the gear can do, in case they can’t try before they buy! I believe a great demo can be far more powerful and effective than say, a magazine ad. I like to think of the demos as a service to both the manufacturer and the consumer.

The video demos I do generally take me two days to produce. I do all the audio and video recording, engineering and editing myself. To start each video, I usually compose and record an original piece of music (or occasionally a great cover) that showcases the gear, and get people interested to hear more. I then get into describing features and demonstrating the gear. I try to keep the talking to a minimum- I’ve learned over time that people want to HEAR the gear, not hear me talk and talk some more! The videos generally end up being from 6-10 minutes in length.I can provide you with an HD video file once the demo is completed, so you can upload it wherever you like, and I usually upload it to my Youtube channel as well. In this age of online shopping (where customers may not have ability to try before you buy), I believe a great demo can be the most important marketing ingredient in getting the word out.

If you would like to talk about a demo for your piece of gear, please contact me here and we can discuss pricing and options. If you would like to advertise with Distortion LTD. simply reach out to Media Director, Tom Keithly via Email.

Electro Harmonix "Battalion" Demo

Dedalo "Byte 1 Bass Synth" Demo