Bass Tracks

For the last several years I have provided bass tracks through online service to many independent songwriters, bands and producers in an array of musical styles.

I have created a very simple and affordable process and the turnaround time is generally within 48 hours.

Just contact me for a quote. 

The Process

Email me with the details of your project with your contact info and phone number. I will then call you to best understand your vision and the sound you are looking for. We will decide on which bass to use and what vibe you are looking for.

Step 1: Make the upfront 50% payment to PayPal. You will send me (E-mail or Dropbox) your stereo mix or stems. If recorded to a click, please indicate the tempo.

Step 2: I will do a complete pass, and send back an MP3 for approval. If changes need to be made I will do this and send back for 1 revision. NOTE* I want YOU to be absolutely thrilled with my work. YOU are the producer!

Step 3: Upon receiving final half payment, you will be given a dropbox link for your hi-res master bass track.

Final delivery of file can be whatever file format, bit depth or sampling rate needed by you.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions:

I’m always interested in talking to great artists about their project and bass needs, be it recording, one-off live event, or tour. The more diverse the music the better.